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Is It Meee? Am I The Dramaaa?!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Helloo web-goers, friends and soon-to-not-be-strangers! This is my quaint yet cute square-foot of the internet; my home; mi casa; my spot. And my name is Shannon B (as in Baker) because my last name coincidentally happens to be ‘Baker’. Today, July 27th 2023 I have been a Baker for 6 years! What is timmme? Sometimes I still find myself being in shock that I’m married lol. Like: “This man actually married me for real…like legally…seriously…governmentally.” It is definitely a miracle and a gift of grace from the Lord indeed. And not to say I’m ‘unmarriable’.

It’s just, after learning about the sanctity and purpose and power of marriage, it’s a major responsibility and show of God’s faith in me, in my husband and in us. Sooo when I think about it, it’s simply humbling and sobering (and exciting!). Happy 6th Anniversary to me and my man! My husbaaand! God has so much in store for us and I can’t wait to live it all out with you. Thank You God for making me and keeping me Shannon B.

I say “keeping” me because I’ve been Shannon B. since the beginning of time. My maiden name was also B like Berry. (You get the picture.) Anyway, all that to say that, though my name and status changed, parts of me have not or are still in-process. I’m a wife but I’m also equally still Shannon. ^_^ Which brings me to the title of this write-up:

“Is it MEEE? Am I the DRAMAAA?!”

Inspired by a Bible proverb I read yesterday, I thought it was fitting to share and to help in introducing me to this space. Proverbs 26:13 reads:

A sluggard says, “There’s a lion in the road, a fierce lion roaming the streets!”

Ouch. You may be asking why I decided to introduce myself with this verse. It does seem faintly self-deprecating. However, that’s not my intention nor belief about myself. *flips hair humbly* The truth is that the sluggard in this verse can be me far too often and too easily because one word, I’m “d r a m a t i c .” Reading this scripture made me think about how often I told myself and my husband that I wanted to start my website blog. It was not a secret. But what WAS the secret for him (and I) was ‘when.’ When was I actually going to do it? It wasn’t until reading the proverb did I realize I had confidently convinced myself of some lion roaming in the street! Everything was ‘a reason’ to not start.

Upon this realization I was pretty heartbroken because, like the sluggard, when I allow the ‘what if’ to become the ‘this is what is happening’ then I miss out on the ‘what God has called me to’. Because the truth is…whether there is a lion in the streets or not…my responsibility is to do the good I ought to…the good God has called me to do…which is to stop poking my head out the window.

So, to answer the question I pose in the title: No, I am not the drama. I only become the drama once I allow it to distract, define and direct me.

This blog post is my attempt at, not only bravery but, freedom. Freedom in God’s direction in these streets; as a writer, with my voice and with my impact. And to stop worrying about where our beloved fictional friend Simba is going.

Again, welcome and thanks for accepting me (drama-prone and all). I’m so glad you’re here.

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